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Click on any of the options in the menu below to see what classes or sessions we offer.

Boxing Training

Yoga Classes

Elevate your well-being with diverse yoga classes fostering strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in a supportive, vibrant studio environment. Click the button below to see what yoga classes we offer.

Spin Classes

Ignite your fitness journey with dynamic spin classes, combining exhilarating cardio, upbeat music, and expert guidance for an energizing and effective workout. Click the button below to see what spin classes we offer.

Group Workout Classes

Experience invigorating group workouts with our dynamic circuit training classes and transformative Pilates sessions, promoting strength, flexibility, and overall wellness in unity. Click the button below to see what group workout classes we offer.

Open Gym

Access our open gym for versatile workouts, featuring top-notch equipment, a spacious environment, and a supportive atmosphere for personalized fitness routines.

Wellness Therapy Sessions

Indulge in wellness sessions with hot-cold therapy, rejuvenating your body and mind, complemented by expert guidance for holistic health and relaxation.

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GYS | Spin Class
Group Workouts
GYS | Circuit Training
Open Gym
GYS | Open GYM
GYS | Wellness
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